Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooking: Hainese Chicken Rice recently did a post on the infamous Hainese Chicken Rice. It made me drool just reading the title of the post. I seriously love this stuff and around here I haven't yet found a place that serves a good version. The instructions seemed straight forward so today since I had time, I decided to try it out.

I couldn't find a free range organic chicken at my local supermarket, so I just bought a Foster Farms chicken. I did rub it down with salt to exfoliate as per directions from Jaden. Look at how lumpy and bump it looks compared to her chicken.. blech.

The skin was already torn when I bought the chicken but whatever. I liberally seasoned it with salt and pepper and then stuffed it with some green onion, ginger & cilantro.

I let it boil for about 45 minutes because for some reason, the chicken wasn't coming up to tempurature. However when I tested it with the thermometer, the liquid that came out of the hole was clear so I figured I was safe.

Into an "ice" bath it went. I forgot I didn't have any ice whatsoever *sigh*

Justyn helped me hack up the chicken with a cleaver since I wasn't cutting it.

Here it is plated.

I loooved this recipe! It turned out very well despite the fact that it was not a free range organic chicken and since I had no ice. The flavor of the soup was amazingly deep from the aromatics in the chicken and the chicken itself and I looved the chicken with the spicy sauce. The rice was savory and full of flavor from the broth. I'll definitely make this again. Justyn said it was OK but he said it's just not his kind of food. Oh well!

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