Sunday, July 12, 2009

Japanese Obon Festival

Today we went to Downtown San Jose's Obon Festival. After a long night of drinking, I needed gyoza, chicken salad, teriayki & sushi. I'm still shocked that they don't have yakitori or tako yaki. I mean how good would that be? I'm thinking about opening a tako yaki stand next year and totally sell out of those things. You can't have street food without tako yaki ya know? Or what about okinomiyaki?

Anyway, we got there about an hour earlier so we grabbed some much needed coffee before venturing into the farmer's market. As we perused the stands, we found a guy that was selling hummus, dolmas & olives so we bought some pita, hummus and olives for dinner tonight. Justyn's going to grill up some meat.. I can't wait!

After walking around a bit, we finally passed enough time for the festival to start. First thing's first, we went and got some food.

We walked around a bit more and Justyn bought me these beautiful flowers that almost have a ginger like scent. I'm a happy girl today!

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