Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cooking: Avogolemono Soup

Last week Justyn and I went to Daphne's which is a Mediterranean fast food place. Weird right? Well, anyway, they have this really good and comforting Avogolemono soup. That's basically lemon, rice & chicken soup. While we ate lunch, Justyn asked me why I don't cook soup more often since it is essentially one of my favorite foods. I shrugged. I didn't have an answer. Why don't I cook it?

Well, I challenged myself to make this particular soup on Thursday. I used Closet Cooking's recipe:

I modified the recipe slightly by using raw chicken instead of pre-cooked so that I could control the salt level. I was going to use the roasted chicken that they have at the grocery store but had second thoughts about it.

I chopped up the veggies...

And prepped the lemons and herbs. I added lemon zest to make it extra lemony.

Then sweat the veggies and added salt & pepper.

The orzo went in.

And the chicken.

And then the broth.

I let it come to a boil before tempering in the eggs and adding the dill.

That's it! The recipe was fairly easy so now I don't have an excuse to make soup, or at least this one, on a work day :) The soup was really good although I shouldn't have added the juice from the 3rd lemon. It was slightly too tart at that point. Also I found the soup wasn't as thick as the one from Daphne's so I need to adjust that next time somehow.

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