Friday, January 16, 2009

Justyn Cooking: Mole Tacos

Yesterday Justyn made some tacos.. not just any tacos, but mole tacos. Isn't that kind of a weird combo since mole is primarly used for enchiladas? At least as far as I know? Anyway, I was skeptical.. due to the jarred mole sauce he was using. I had leftover fried rice to eat so I wasn't too concerned.
He diced up the leftover cinnamon chipotle steak he made a couple days ago and fried up it up with some diced sauteed onion.
He added the mole with some chicken stock..
And then topped some microwaved tortillas with the meat mixture and cilantro.
Here's how they turned out.. and I did have a spoonful of the meat mixture and it was GOOD! I was actually shocked since I hate mole normally. I even regretted eating my leftover fried rice when I could've had these!

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