Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Before & After: A Look Back

Well it really hasn't been all that long since I started cardmaking as a new hobby but I wanted to do a before and after. I had moved all my crafting supplies and tools to the dining table so I could watch TV while making stuff for Christmas. I neglected moving everything back to the office because I knew I would be making Valentine's Day cards. Well, now that I'm very close to be doing with that, I decided it was time to move everything back into the office. I'm thinking I need a TV or radio in the office for background noise while I'm crafting. That would keep me from moving things back and forth when the holidays come around again. ANYWAY, since I just moved everything back into the office, I decided to take a picture of it since it's nice and neat... as neat as it can be anyway.


Look how little supplies I started out with!


And look at how much I have now! This is within a span of about 4 months!

Confession time... I used to be both envious and curious as to how some of the other cardmakers accumulated so many stamps, supplies and other things. I told myself that I'd never get that obsessed with crafting. But now I can see it. I want the entire office devoted to my stuff. Unfortunately I have to share with Justyn's computer. I suppose I could get rid of the huge futon taking half the room up but yeah.. I think the next step is putting in some shelving so I can put the boxes on them and which would free up some table space. *sigh* I have lots of work to do before I get up with the major leaguers.

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