Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

On top of the normal weekend, I had Thursday & Friday off for Thanksgiving! Hooray for 4 days off. I have quite a bit to update you guys on but I'll try to make it short since I don't feel like writing much. Isn't it funny how tired you can be even if you get tons of sleep? It was soo hard to wake up this morning for work.

On Wednesday night, I stayed up late working on more candy packages. Everytime I look at the list of people I have to make these for, I add to it! So instead of 27 of these little guys, I have to make 40 something now! Blah, that sounds like I'm complaining about it but in fact I enjoy doing this stuff. It keeps me busy which is nice. Oh yeah, I also made 3 gift card holders. I only needed 2, but I have a feeling I'll need extras! On top of that, I made another Christmas card.
Thursday was obviously Thanksgiving, so Justyn and I went to my parent's house. We met up with his mom, Angel & her mom there. I got there at 5pm which was a little late because I spent most of the afternoon prepping and cooking Lion's Head Stew. Justyn made some mac n cheese which unfortunately didn't turn out as well as he thought. Not to worry though, my mom made tons of food as usual. Justyn's mom made corn pudding and Angel & her mom brought over some homemade foie gras! My mom made turkey, stuffing, green beans (no green bean casserole nor mashed potatoes though), shrimp cocktail with homemade sauce (simply made from shallot, tomato & jalapenos), caprese salad appetizers, fish stew with white sauce & mashed potato topping, and roasted potatoes. I played around with my sister's doggie Oscar for a bit. He looked adorable with his Rudolph hoodie! Then it was time to carve the turkey and eat. It was a quiet but pleasant night with the family and friends.
After dinner my mom broke out this 50 year old tea that she had been saving for a special occassion. I'm no tea connoisseur so I found the tea to taste like smelly Hong Kong. I preferred Lipton hah! For dessert, my mom made a chocolate mousse cake which I actually liked. I only had a small bite of it since I don't have a huge sweet tooth.
My sister, Angel and I played with some make up afterward. My sister gave me some makeup from Laura Mercier which is supposedly really good. I was slipping into a food coma fast so soon everyone departed and we went home.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Friday. Well, actually Friday was anti climactic. We were supposed to go wine tasting in the Santa Cruz mountains with Timmys but Justyn wasn't feeling well so we ended up flaking. I feel bad because I know it would've been really fun. We wasted the day staying home instead :( During the evening we did hang out with Ken a little though.

During the day on Saturday I had lunch with Esther at our favorite restaurant Nam Vang. Damn those noodles are sooo good! We also went to Work of Heart which is the other scrapbook store I go to besides Scrapbook Island. I bought a couple pieces of Christmas cardstock and a heart shaped stamp which only cost $0.50! In the evening, Linda & Brian had invited us over for dinner and poker. I was thoroughly impressed with their hospitality. They made chili, chicken, ribs & cookies! I was either the first one out of the game or one of the first ones. I was incredibly tired, so I retired in one of their guest rooms.
Sunday I spent the day at home resting up and making more goodies and Justyn made some breaded cod, rice pilaf and baby spinach salad.

That about sums up my weekend. I hope the rest of you had a great Thanksgiving!


Mayela said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe for the mousse cake? It looks so good.

JadedOne said...

I actually don't have the recipe it! My mom made it :( I'll ask her for it though. Email me your address and I'll forward it to you.