Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Last week for work we had a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Here's what I wrapped up. Cute!! It was a Nerf dart gun set that got traded twice before going to its proud owner. The small box was more dart ammos wrapped in a Laura Mercier box since it had awkward packaging. The first guy who unwrapped it thought it was makeup and immediately tried to trade it for something else. I had to repeatedly tell him to open the box so he knew both boxes go hand in hand heh.

A couple days ago my sister and Oscar came over to make some last minute Christmas cards and get our nails done. We ended up tying bows all over Oscar. He didn't like that very much...
Last night Esther and kubiks came over for dinner and cardmaking. I loved KWerner's Chinese takeout box template so I made a couple of those for Angel's daughters. I filled them with some leftover Reese's PB bells.

Now we're caught up to Christmas morning! Justyn and I woke up around 9:30am. He ran out for a quick Starbucks run. I had to have some of that rich delicious salted caramel hot chocolate that they have. When he came back, we unwrapped presents :D Do you like Justyn's duct tape wrapping?
I got a tennis racket, tennis balls, a bamboo steamer (yay!) and a mixed CD which I had been asking for all year. My sister got me a bunch of stuff from Papertrey Ink (ribbon and stamps!!)
Justyn got some tie downs, an In-n-Out t-shirt and gift card, and a travel pillow so he can sleep in the car when I drive to work. Esther got him a handmade sleeve for coffee (from Etsy).
One of our friends sent us some homemade salted caramels & lemoncello. Yum!!

At the moment we're eating some Hickory Farms sausage, cheese and crackers. Justyn just experimented with pepperjack cheese and chocolate. WTF? He didn't like that very much and ended up spitting it out haha.

We're gonna relax for a while before heading over to Angel's house for dinner. Her mom is visiting from France and we'll be dining on cous cous tonight!

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