Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late Night Cardmaking

Wow I am totally tired but I can't (don't wanna) sleep! I've had a very long relaxing weekend and it's not over yet. I know come Sunday I'll be missing sleeping in so I'm trying to make my week off last as long as possible. On the down side, I'm totally tired and probably will go to sleep now. Before I do, I just wanted to share what I made for Justyn. It's a little card just to show him how much I love him....
And just so you guys know... this card took a lot of work. I followed the exact directions on how to make it and it was still hard for me! WTF? Ugh... anyway... it was fun to make. Here's how it turned out. Now I need to buy more of this cardstock (the polka dot one). Love it!

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