Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Party @ JTT's

On Saturday, JTT and Cheri invited us over for their annual holiday party.

Here's the spread. The cupcakes... OMG! Soo good. They don't even look homemade do they? One of the girls there had a side business of making cupcakes and I'm very glad that I can actually purchase these. As most of you know, I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I've never had red velvet cake before. Since I'm a huge fan of The Newlyweds (Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey's reality show) and how big of a fan Jessica Simpson is over red velvet cake (her wedding cake was that flavor), I was curious to try some of it. Back to the cupcakes, wow! The cake itself was moist and had bits of rich chocolate chips floating through it. Mmm...

And another surprise! Santa made a special appearance. What??? He exists!! Hah.. I told Santa I wanted a kitten so we'll see if that actually pans out. Do you like how the doggy is being mean to Santa? He's not getting a nice juicy bone for Christmas!
It was a good time but Justyn and I weren't feeling well so we left pretty early. Thanks still go out to Cheri & JTT for inviting us! Thanks guys!

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