Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cooking: Japanese Curry

On Tuesday's, Justyn goes to his club thingy (no not a night club.. at least I don't think so hee hee). By the time we get home from work, it's about 4:30pm. I had to stop by the grocery store to get ingrediants for the Japanese curry. What I wasn't sure about was whether I'd have enough time to finish making it before Justyn had to leave. Oh and the fridge was massively stinky from something I left and forgot in there. Being the sweet hubby he is, Justyn washed it out since I probably would've thrown up. Yep, that's how gross it was.

Anyway, I started out by making the rice then chopped the carrot and onion. I added a carrot since Justyn likes them. I'll just pick them out.. blech. By the time I was ready to throw everything together, I ran out of time :(. Justyn had to leave so he's probably gonna grab Taco Bell for dinner. That makes me sad that I can't throw together a wholesome meal in 45 minutes for him. I was rushing too!

Well, here's how it turned out. I garnished with green onions and some Japanese pickled radish. I'm eating this as I type.

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