Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Justyn and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary as husband and wife over the past weekend. I bought him a Fossil watch and he took me to one of my favorite scrapbooking stores to buy cardstock among other random things. For him to even step into that store with me and pretend not to be bored off his rocker is a gift in an of itself.

Anyway, the night before that he took me to Ruth Chris Steakhouse since I had never been. Our waiter, Josh, explained to me how hot the plates get. Yes, at 500 degrees, I know I will burn myself if I touch the plate. I think they have an obligation to tell all of their customers that just for liability reasons. We ordered off of the prix fixe menu which included salad, meat course, two side dishes & dessert. Here's what we ordered:
Me: Caesar Salad - Yum, but overdressed.
Justyn: House Salad - Blah. Oh yeah.. almost forgot. See all that pepper on his salad? The pepper grinder guy literally stood there for 2 minutes grinding out pepper. My hubby is such a pepper addict!

Me: Petit Filet - Seriously good steak... and I burned my thumb on the plate :( The filet was extremely tender and juicy. I would say that this is the best steak I've had to date. It could've used a little more seasoning but otherwise perfectly cooked.
Justyn: Mixed Grill - The crapcake... yeah I meant to do that. Crap. Justyn liked it though. His stuffed chicken was awesome. I should've gotten that instead! Just kidding, my steak kept me happy.

Me: Creamed Spinach - I thought it was bland, but Justyn liked it. I felt it was underseasoned.
Justyn: Hash Browns - What I liked about our waiter and the restaurant was that they let us pick hash browns even though it wasn't a choice on the prix fixe menu. The hash browns came out crispy on the outside, tender and fluffy on the inside. Simply served with ketchup. I could've eaten the whole plate!

We shared the bread pudding with whiskey sauce. It was such a decadent dessert after a big meal. We didn't finish it but it definitely satisfied Justyn's sweet tooth.

Oh yeah, and I also had a couple glasses of the Yangarra 2007 Shiraz. Our waiter described it as very fruity with a long finish. Normally I'm very skeptical about descriptions on wine.. you either love it or hate it. To my surprise, it was exactly how he described. I had him write down what kind of wine I had so I could add to my favorite wine list.

He'll probably get mad at me for posting this but here's the anniversary card Justyn made for me. Awwww.... I expected a child's messy card, but he actually thought this out pretty well. When I went into the office to check on my craft area, it looked like it exploded with cardstock everywhere, but I can't get mad at him for making this for me. Lub you Bee! Even though....

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