Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rabbit's Foot Meadery, Naglee Park Garage and More!

What a weekend. I can't believe it's already Sunday. At least the weekend wasn't wasted. I feel relaxed, I'm eating breffus right now and the weather is great outside! I thought I'd post to give an update of what I did this weekend..

I had an awful Friday at work. My boss and coworker were both out of the office which meant I had double the workload. That's not the bad part though. I had to deal with a bunch of internal customers which had NO clue as to what they were doing. Not to mention my counterparts in India. Man... they messed so many things up which made my job that much harder that day. That's in the past though... onto the good bits. Justyn took me to Rabbit's Foot Meadery which is nearby work. I could use a drink after work!

Kelly, our meadery guru, gave us a complimentary tasting of all of their products. Unfortunately, this didn't include the ones they were sold out of. Yeah, that's how good this stuff is. Not to mention the casual atmosphere, friendly customers and great guide/host. I started off by tasting their meads. I thought the meads would be cloyingly sweet, but not so... crisp, refreshing and delicious. My favorite was the honey mead which was their most popular product.

I was then poured a tasting from a tall Port looking bottle. Upon first smelling it, it made me think about Otter Pops. When I tasted it, it definitely had a flavor similar to the Blue Otter Pop. This is not to say that it wasn't good. It was fantastic! When something takes you back to your childhood or reminds you of something you forgot about, it's truly great. French Laundry serves this mead that is similar to an ice wine. Now I can see why they do that. Chef Thomas Keller loves to take his customers on a road trip back to their childhood or favorite meal. I have yet to go to French Laundry but this mead was a small hint into what I'm in for when I eventually go.

Then it was off to the ciders. Kelly took us to warehouse behind the bar for a quick tour. I found a "Is This Good for the Company?" sign. I quickly and excitedly asked Kelly if he was a fan of Office Space which he was. Awesome! If you guys didn't know, Office Space is my favorite movie. Kinda ironic since I had a crap day at work huh?

Here's just a couple pictures of their awards and signage.

For dinner we went to Naglee Park Garage in Downtown San Jose. Man... what a disappointment. I don't even feel like blogging about it since I already gave them my review on yelp. If you're that curious, go here: Justyn was going to take me to a comedy club but we were both really tired so we rescheduled for another weekend.

The next morning I made some spicy fried rice.

Not much to report for the rest of the Saturday. I was super tired from Friday but Justyn woke me up cuz he couldn't sleep so I ended up napping for a couple hours and then staying up super late to make cards.

This morning, Justyn made egg and sausage toasts. Perfect for October since it kinda looks like something from Halloween huh?

I'm just gonna chill and clean the house for the rest of the day. Ciao!!

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