Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cooking: Chicken a la King

I'm goin oldschool on this one. My mom recently made some chicken a la king that looked so comforting that I had to make some for myself. I also wanted to cook something for Justyn's lunch the next day since he was having a bad week. In fact, we've hardly seen each other this whole week due to him being in training from 8am-5pm with two hours of homework.

Earlier during the day I had forgotten to print out the recipe so I went grocery shopping pretty much blind. I prepped all the veggies (I added more to the recipe to make it more "healthy"), looked up the recipe and found out that I was missing eggs, dry sherry, parsley & flour. Ugh.. I had to stop what I was doing, go to the store and come back to finish cooking. I hate being interrupted but luckily that was the only disasterous part. I didn't have time to take pictures of each step but I'll post the recipe at the bottom of the page and let you know what I added.

Ingrediants Added to Recipe:
Substituted White Button Mushrooms with Baby Portabellos

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