Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Beach Bash for the Summer!

Today's Leslie's birthday so we decided to throw a beach bash for her yesterday. I combined her birthday with us wanting to go to the beach one last time before summer was over. I'll just walk you through pictures since I'm uber tired today.

Here's us just goofing around. Leslie, Janice and I were the first ones to arrive at the beach. Everything was soooo heavy. We had to make multiple trips back and forth just to get everything to the pit.

Finally Alex and his cousin arrived so I had them set up the fire so I could start cooking. I had marinated some chicken in lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, oregano and rosemary. I also made some pasta salad.

While the food was cooking we just talked and goofed around some more. The beach rangers came by and started looking through coolers to see if there was any glass. I didn't know you couldn't have glass so we ended up hiding Alex's Coke behind the pit hehe.

Here's the chicken and pasta salad.. it turned out really good. Apparently people went into a food coma..

I always make it a habit to build a sand castle whenever I go to the beach so Selena, Tori, Janice, Leslie, Dave and Austin helped build one. Selena and I discovered a jellyfish. Unfortunately it died so we made it part of our sand castle.

It started getting dark so everyone put on their sweaters to keep warm. The fog rolled in pretty heavy..

Smore time!

Selena and Hoho dragged my sister around and dumped her into the sand castle which was hilarious as hell. Then she passed out...

Eventually the beach patrol came back around to kick us out of the beach.

I ended up staying in Santa Cruz overnight with Dave, Austin, Janice and Leslie. The next morning we went to breffus at Cafe Pergolesi which was nice.

The worst part of this weekend was getting home and finding out that my sister's car got towed! So we dealt with that and I just relaxed the rest of today. Argh... it's already 7:34. Almost time to go to bed! :(
Anyway, here's a video update for my youtube channel.

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