Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aux's 30th Birthday Beach Thingy

Happy Birthday Aux :D

Well before I get onto Aux's birthday thing, I wanted to give you guys an update on what I did this weekend.

Friday, Justyn and I had dinner with Donoho at a Chicago pizzeria in Palo Alto called Paxti's, pronounced "pah-cheese" just like their pizza box says. It was such a hot day that all I wanted was a beer and salad. Yeah, their pizza is great, but I personally, loved the caesar salad w/ anchovies and a tall pint glass of hoegaarden (one of my favorite beers). Sorry guys, I didn't get a picture of it cuz I left my camera at home. Anyway...

On Saturday we went to dim sum with my parents at Oriental Tea House in San Leandro. Justyn didn't like the place much but I recognized the lack of grease they put in their food which I appreciated. Most dim sum places just don't care how much oil they dump in it as long as it tastes good which ugh.... grease = poo. Not good. We ended up ordering about 15 char sui bows to go for a party. Well, when we got home we were heavily food coma'ed so we opted to not go to the party. However there was another one at 8:00pm, so we brought the bows to Charlotte & Rich's party. Rich just graduated from college so he hosted a party at Linda & Brian's house. They are really cool peeps. Also, I have to note that I did not get drunk at the party! Yeah... Justyn wanted to drink so I had a couple beers and that was it. Needless to say, he got pretty hammered. He made a shot which I call "the FUCKED up shot" which contains vodka, whiskey, rum, Jager and probably something else. To my suprise, people actually liked it. So a couple hours after that I was ready to go. I drove Justyn home and he went straight to bed. Justyn drunk is so cute hehe... Again, I forgot my camera. *sigh*

That brings us to Sunday. Aux had his 30th birthday party at a beach in Santa Cruz. I was kind of worried since he decided to have everyone meet up at 5:00pm. That's late in my book for a Sunday. It worked out though. I had a really really good time. We started out the evening with chicken that Aux grilled with the help of a couple other manly men since he was burning the crap out of them!

Here's drugs. Tsk tsk... naww j/k. He needs them for medical reasons. Sheesh. Not what you're thinking.

Here's the view and a picture I took of a piece of chicken that was dropped on the sand. NOM NOM!

I haven't been to the beach since last year! Tori (my new BFF hahah... ) and I built a sand castle which totally took me back to my childhood. It was so fun!

Me snorting cocaine sand. Haha...

Justyn being silly


Random pics

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