Monday, May 19, 2008

Review: Il Fornaio

Since I didn't get a chance to celebrate Mother's Day last weekend when it was actually Mother's Day, we celebrated this past Saturday at Il Fornaio in Downtown San Jose. I wore painful heels which I could barely walk in so getting seated promptly was a plus. We were a tad bit early but the hostess seated us anyway. Oh yeah, and coincidentally it was also prom night. I dont know why I pointed that out by the way.

When my parents arrived and sat down, I ordered a couple appetizers. Since it was such a warm day, I ordered tuna tartare & bruschetta. The tuna tartare was amazing. It kinda had an Asian twist on it with what I think was either wasabi or hot mustard. The tuna was really fresh and paired extremely well with the thin crouton like crackers. The bruschetta on the other hand was nothing special. In fact, I'd go as far as to say my bruschetta is better!

We sat around chatting until our entrees arrived. Oddly enough, Justyn's mom, Justyn and I all ordered the same thing! That was kinda weird. That's why you only see three entrees below. Our ravioli was expertly cooked with a tiny bit of al dente bite. The only complaint that I had was that the ravioli skin was huge and only held a tiny bit of sausage filling. My dad's fresh pasta bolognese was not good at all. It tasted burnt. "It tastes like burning!" Heh OK, I had to throw Ralphie in the mix. My mom's seafood pasta was nothing special either, but at least the clams were good. Nice and sweet and definitely fresh.

Overall it was a nice relaxing evening with the parents. The only part that really sucked was walking back to the car in my heels. Ouch! Never again.


tigerfish said...

The bad thing about Il Fornaio is that before I get served my main entree, I'm already half full stuffing myself with their warm bread dipped in balsamic+olive oil :O

JadedOne said...

Haha yeah that almost happened to me too. I basically had a couple pieces of bread and stopped myself there since I was anticipating their tuna tartare :D It was worth it.