Friday, January 11, 2008

The Louvre

We interrupt your normally broadcasted program to bring you a myspace picture. Random I know..

As I stated before, the Louvre really does deserve its own post. I had no idea how breathtaking it would be until I got there. For one thing, it's massive! Now that I'm back, I keep telling people that it's indescribeable. There really aren't words for it and you won't know how great it is until you actually see it person. On that note, I'm just going to show you pictures and put up a few descriptions for my personal faves.
Heading into the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Look at how long this hall is!

Nike Air!

The Mona Lisa from like 10 freaking feet away.

Gettin' freaky deaky!

I thought this was funny because it looks like the statue is sniffing his armpit.

Aww and ancient food.

Here are some other pictures from Ashley's camera:

After a couple hours of walking around and seeing amazing art, my stomach started to growl and my friend Angel, reminded me that we still had to go to Angelina's per WanderingChopsticks' recommendation. We stopped at a crepe shop for Ashley to get her fix and after a couple blocks we found the restaurant. My mom requested some hot coco that was Dutch pressed so I wiggled past a huge crowd where the store part of the restaurant was.

While I bought a macaron and hot chocolate, everyone else waited in line to get seated. It took about 10 minutes which wasn't long considering the huge line we saw upon entering the restaurant. However, the wait for service was too long so we decided to see if we could find anything else which was less crowded and busy. Sorry WC... I know you might've been waiting to see what I thought of their hot cocoa and food. So instead, we went to a nearby eatery where we got drinks, sammiches and snails. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere seemed a lot more relaxed. Oh and don't worry foodies. I did NOT put ketchup on my escargots. We asked the waiter for the ketchup to see what his reaction would be. He didn't flinch. Bah...

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Wandering Chopsticks said...

Aww, I'm so touched you actually took up my recommendation. Too bad you didn't get their hot chocolate.