Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cuneo, Italy

Finally, thanks to Donoho and his laggy self, I got pictures of Cuneo!! This was an important milestone in the trip because it marked the first day of official vacation where we'd actually get to fully induldge.

Here's us driving into a checkpoint and into Cuneo, Italy. I have no idea what the Fire Detection thing is supposed to be. If you're car is on fire, you'd know. You don't need a stupid check point to tell you that it is. Haha weird huh?

We got into the small town of Cuneo just in time for some lunch. Valerie took us to a quaint little restaurant in which we got to sample a lot of the local fare. I was happy. Finally! No more foie gras for a change heh. Most of you would think that's blasphemy, but I remind you all that I had a lot of it. (*tartlet with cheese & shaved white truffle, little bread rolls which quickly got whisked away before we could even eat a full one, light tangy salad of octopus and carrots.. yes, I actually ate the carrots too! cappicola (sp?), bread wine & bread rolls, duck terrine.. nobody really cared for this, but I liked it. weird sausage with lentils.. I liked the lentils but the sausage kinda tasted weird, polenta flan I think with anchovy sauce.. this was pure disgusting, raviolis, risotto with radicchio, fagottini haha, potato gnocchi, trio of rich chocolaty desserts.. suprisingly I loved the gelato & the one with whip cream on top.)

After lunch we had an opportunity to walk around.
Another plus about staying in Cuneo was the hotel. It wasn't a 5 star place or anything, but it was nice to have our very own rooms. Here are some pictures of Justyn being silly and the view from Angel & Donoho's room.

Before dinner the next night, we had aperitif at a little outdoor bar with a tent covering and heaters inside. It was cooold outside, so I welcomed the warmth. Donoho and I had some Chianti wine which was out of this world. The stuff that's imported into the US just does not compare to this stuff. We also had little sammiches, which we didn't touch. We had a big meal coming up. We also walked around and snapped some pictures.

Valerie took us out to an Izzeria hee hee. Last year for New Years Day, I had gotten massive food poisoning from pizza & salad. Although I'm 99% certain that the salad had made me sick, to this day, I still can't look at pizza the same. However, I forgot all about that as soon as we stepped inside the restaurant. I absolutely had to try pizza in Italy right?! I can't recall exactly what pizzas we had so here are pictures.

It was a lovely evening as we rode in the car back to the hotel until CRASH BANG OH SHIT!! Yes. Unfortunately, Angel rammed straight into another car. We were all a bit shaken up, but nobody was hurt. It took about 2-3 hours for the cops to come and take down information. Angel was the strong one though. She hailed us a cab and we all went back to the hotel to get some rest. I'm not going to post pictures of the crash damage for obvious reasons, but here's a picture of the only Ferrari we saw in Italy. Yeah, it's broken down haha.

Since the accident happened, we needed an extra day in Cuneo. That was a big perk because I loved it there. Unfortunately, I got really sick. Guess what kind of sick? YES, food poisoning. I told you there was a reason why I described what seafood everyone ate back at Momo and Fabby's house. That boat of seafood must've gone bad or something because not only did I get sick, but Angel, Ashley, Momo and Macaroni did as well. Yeesh! I was miserable, but luckily Donoho snapped pictures of more food and our scenic surroundings so all was not lost. Angel and Donoho had dinner with Justyn and I at a restaurant which looked intriuging. I feel bad that I missed it and even worse that I made Justyn miss it since he stayed at the hotel room to take care of me. Awww, what a great hubby!

So that's Cuneo in a short snapshot! Thanks to Valerie, Angel, Donoho and Justyn for caring and being so selfless.. you guys are TEH SHIT! Next up, Marseille!!

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