Saturday, November 10, 2007

Product Review: Batter Blaster

A couple weeks ago, someone on posted about something called Batter Blaster. The name sounds funny, but I was instantly intriuged and at the same time disgusted. Batter in a can? How good could it possibly be? Well, I put it to the test this morning. I went in a skeptic and out very impressed. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious. According to the ingrediants, it's your normal regular old pancake batter. Nothing artificial! Oh yeah, and it's all organic.

I sprayed some batter into the pan and topped it with some leftover pecans, fresh ground nutmet and cinnamon.

Then I got a little creative and made different shapes. This was a really fun way to enjoy breakfast with my hubby.

We also had some leftover bacon and eggs, so I used those up as well.


tigerfish said...

Did I see a hidden mickey?

JadedOne said...

Tigerfish - Heh! Kinda.. it started out as a Mickey Mouse, but it ended up looking more like a bear ;)