Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend Update

It's been so busy lately that I haven't really had time to cook new recipes and post them. I promise this week, I'll make at least one or two new recipes.

Over the weekend, Angel & Donoho came over to plan out a rough itinerary of what we'll be doing in France & Italy in a two weeks span in December. We had to knock that task out of the way so we could do some major partying. I don't remember much except doing shots in the back patio with Cupini, Justyn and the two of them, running through the sprinklers when it was really cold out, having silly conversations and playing Wii Bowling. Despite the fact that I told Justyn that I'd never bet him EVER again, we made a bet to see who would win. It was weird though. This time, I actually won under pressure! Now he has to deliver flowers to me at work haha! For dinner I made the "Asian Glazed Salmon" and some green beans from: http://www.riverford.co.uk/recipes/recipe.php?catid=5&recipeid=418. I include carrots because you all know how much I hate them. I added soy sauce, chicken stock and cornstarch to the recipe to make a sort of sauce which everyone adored.

Oh.. here are pictures of Angel explaining to my hubby, how a tampon works. Hahaha good stuff!

On Sunday, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant called Hanamaru. Yeah, remember the post I made and couldn't remember the name of the restaurant? That's it! We ordered some tako yaki, Santa Cruz roll (green tobiko, avacado, scallop and seaweed) and some other sushi which stuffed us into a food coma. By the time we got back to my house, I was exhausted from the food and the night before, so we spent the rest of the day playing video games and chilling. Towards the evening, Angel and I went to the grocery store to go shopping for beef stew ingrediants. She was so impressed with the salmon recipe that she wanted to make it for Monday's dinner. She left soon after that. Donoho helped us clean up a bit before heading out himself and by the time dinner was ready, it was past 8:00pm. That's a late dinner for us so I served the beef stew half an hour before it was supposed to be ready. The beef was still a bit tough, but still edible. After dinner, I stayed up watching The Next Iron Chef & some other shows before passing out on the couch.

It was an exhausting weekend but as always full of fun!

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