Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PeeBoy's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to a friend's house to celebrate his birthday. He was unable to go to Oktoberfest so his girlfriend threw him a themed party. We could either dress up in togas or lederhosen. I didn't see that part of the invitation until the day of, so we had to rush to the costume shop. We settled on getting Greek costumes which you'll see later in the pictures.

We also bought the birthday boy a nice bottle of scotch and brought some sake & Calpico (Japanese drink between soda/juice) for mixed drinks.

We ended up getting there before everyone else as usual even though we left an hour late! Another couple pulled up just as we were getting out of the car. They were already dressed up in their togas which were pretty well done. I was a little jealous because I didn't have time to put any effort into my costume.

You know what I forgot? To take a picture of all the great food! Durnit! They had a spicy Italian sausage with fennel seeds and polish sausage as well. They were both really good simply served with Jack Daniels mustard, rye bread and some really great potato salad. Ah well, who needs pictures of food when you have pictures of all the great costumes?

It was another good time and I thank the hosts for having us over!
The funny thing about this guy was him having the same costume as Justyn. Copycat!! J/K heh.

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