Monday, September 24, 2007

Review: Hunan Chili

At first glance, doesn't the name look like "Human Chili"? That's what I kept thinking whenever we drove by Castro Street to try out other restaurants in Downtown Mountain View. On Friday, we couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch, and since we had always talked about trying Hunan Chili, that's exactly what we did.

We ordered off of their lunch menu which comes with hot & sour soup and eggrolls.

The soup wasn't as good as Fu Lam Mum's, but we still enjoyed it. The eggrolls were also pretty good.

For our lunch entrees we had ma po tofu and garlic chili lamb. I wasn't really happy with the ma po tofu only because it didn't have any minced pork. Every recipe that I've seen has pork in it. The flavor was good though. Both dishes packed some heat which was nice.

We had also ordered some XLBs but these were a disappointment. First of all, they came out after we were almost done with lunch rather than before. Flavor was good, but they were bone dry. I want a ton of soup to spew out like they're supposed to. Oh well...

Overall, a pretty good place for a quick spicy lunch.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Ah, the non-soupy XLB. :( Ha! Now that you can make your own ma po tofu, you've gotten picky. ;)

JadedOne said...

WC - I know haha! I need to go on yelp and see which places they recommended for soupy XLBs :)

Man speaking of ma po tofu.. I should make that again this week. Augh, so busy though!