Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review: Green's (Vegetarian Restaurant)

Yesterday Juniper had its first P2P worldwide offsite meeting in San Francisco. For a good half of the day we broke off into groups scrambling around trying to find items for a scavenger hunt. A couple noteworthy events was walking up a bunch of stairs to Coit tower. As we walked down the hill back to Washington Park, we saw a guy walking up carrying a bouquet of flowers and a card. One of the items we had to find was "love", so we took a picture of him. It was the cutest thing.

After the scavenger hunt we went to a vegetarian restaurant called Green's. I groaned at the though of eating vegetarian food only because I was raised to have meat with all of my meals. Oh well, I'd give it a shot.

We had all the wine, champagne and beers we could drink. Oh yeah, so far so good.

Here's a shot of the menu. We had passed hors d'oeuvres and then sit down for salad and main course.

The interior of the restaurant was pretty with a beautiful view of the ocean.

The first passed appetizer were spring rolls with hoisin sauce and topped with a peanut. The rice paper was a little on the dry side, but flavor wise it was excellent.

The next appetizer was a corn and cheese empanada. These were great! Warm and fresh from the oven and cheesy corny goodness.

The last appetizer we had were small squares of pizza which were amazing. I even tried not to like it, but couldn't.

Eventually we all sat down at our tables and chowed down on an heirloom tomato salad. Heirloom tomatoes were a first for me, and I loved them. They have so much more of a deeper flavor than regular tomatoes. The parmesan matched perfectly and gave the salad a nice tang.

We were interrupted by the scavenger hunt organizers so they could announce who won. Our team ended up getting 3rd place and the prize was a flashlight. Pretty nifty compared to the other prizes. 1st place got a bottle of wine.

Main courses started arriving soon after. It was a Thai curry with carrots, cauliflower and potatoes. Here's where things went downhill. I'm fully aware how hard it is to cook for 40 people all at once, but there's no reason why the main courses came out cold when their appetizers were freshly cooked. I wouldn't even care if they microwaved the plates to keep them hot as they came out of the kitchen. So anyway, a lot of plates were sent back and came back cold again! Third time was a charm though. I guess they finally used that microwave. Flavor wise, it was pretty good, but by the time the dish came out, I wasn't very hungry anymore.
This picture was hilarious. I think my boss is at the front tipped over from being too tipsy hehe. It was a good night and I had a lot of fun with some coworkers that I've never met before.

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Sounds delicious and the dishes looks very appetizing.