Friday, August 24, 2007

Cooking: Japanese Spaghetti

It's not what you think. No tomato sauce, no spaghetti noodles, no meatballs. What the hell am I talking about then? Well, not till recently I discovered tako yaki balls. It's rice flour batter stuffed with bits of octopus. I know my description doesn't do it justice, but it's good! You would normally serve tako yaki with tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo, a sprinkling of seaweed and bonito flakes. Take this as a recommendation and try it if you can find it! We store bought ours from Mitsuwa in Saratoga/Cupertino and also got some yaki udon (kinda like chow fun/mein)from the refridgerated section.

Yesterday we also bought some thing cut beef from Lucky in which Justyn marinated in teriyaki sauce. He stir-fried that with some napa cabbage and yellow onion. After that, you just add in the noodles until they're cooked to tempurature. Then you add in the seasonings included in the package. He microwaved the tako yaki balls according to the bag they came in.

Time for plating. He put some of the yaki udon on the plate and topped it with the "meatballs". After a sprinkle of seaweed, bonito flakes and drizzle of tonkatsu sauce it's ready!

Here's the final plate. It was good although I would've liked the beef sliced thinner and more veggies. I thought it was cute to call it Japanese spaghetti and truly is a neato idea!


Kelly Mahoney said...

Interesting, I'm not sure if I've ever eaten octopus as anything other than calamari. Thanks for a new twist on a classic.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Mmm. Takoyaki. Haven't had that in a while. Cool idea.