Sunday, July 29, 2007

Review: Bun Bo Hue An Nam

Armed with Wandering Chopstick's advice and the technology of Mapquest, I finally made it over to Bun Bo Hue An Nam. I came very close to giving up again, but pressed on to find this little gem. All the reviews on Yelp are correct. It's hidden in a ghettoish shopping center, but the inside of the restaurant was hip and posh. When I went in, a little cute old man greeted me to see if I wanted to eat in the restaurant. Instead I asked him where to get take-out. He directed me to the front counter where I found a really cool host. I told him I wanted to order take-out and they immediatly asked if I wanted Bun Bo Hue. Damn, that's the first sign that this place makes good spicy noodles. I nodded my head and the woman next to the host said it would be 5 minutes. The host said "Make it 3 minutes." Cool! I felt like I was getting special treatment. I paid the tab and had some change which I wanted to tip. The host said to not tip, since I wasn't eating at the restaurant. Haha... free money and he won't take it. I like this place a lot.

3 minutes rolled by and my order was ready. This place knows what they're doing. I drove home and scrambled for a soup bowl, spoon and chopsticks. I was excited to try this one due to the high praise from Yelp and Wandering Chopsticks. I dumped the noodles, meat and soup in the bowl and microwaved it for a couple minutes.

Oh.. my... God. This IS good! It was very unlike the version I had at Pho Vy and closer to what I had at Danh's Garden Restaurant. Except better. Now I know what everyone was talking about. Fresh greens, good braised beef, lovely deep flavored broth and perfectly cooked noodles. You really can't go wrong with this place. Great service and excellent food. I suppose if I had to make a complaint, it would be that they didn't have the pork knuckle like Danh's had, but I wasn't really missing it anyway. There was some thinly sliced pork along with the braised beef which made up for it.

My stomach's definitely growling for more. Thanks WC for the recommendation. Next up is Vung Tau which I hope to hit this week. I'll let Tigerfish and my loyal readers how it goes. Haha loyal readers. Really guys, thanks for checking in with my blog! I appreciate it!

Now tell me that doesn't look good. *droooool*


Wandering Chopsticks said...

The broth is awesome huh? The lemongrass really comes through. Most other places play up the spiciness, not so much the more subtle flavors. That's why my friends say it's the best in town.

JadedOne said...

Definitely! It was very well balanced but I think it could've used a little bit more spicey. I think if I ever eat there, I'll probably just add a dab of chili sauce or something. That should make it a bowl of perfection.